Carry It Cold!

Carry It Cold!

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More and more people like to carry, but if someone is not creative enough or afterwards, they may get stuck with the portable lifestyle as soon as it gets cold. Segнtьnk!

Carry it on!

Many of the parents who are experienced in carrying, say that in the cold of the winter, babies are better off wearing a luggage than a stroller. The baby being carried a under a big coat, he certainly doesn't get coldsince her body and clothes are warming up as well. The baby you don't even have to move too much, behind the overalls and the toes. If the little one is interested in the book, he puts his head out of the warm nook and looks, and when he sleeps, he crouches down and snoozes in a good, cold, harsh mood.

What to wear?

In front of the MaM coat
And you can carry the baby back.

The first question is, of course, what kind of jacket to carry. It depends on whether you carry it front or back. If she does, she'll have a nice coat, which was good for fun. If you just had a big tummy in the summer, there is no such thing in public. One solution is to hire a dad (of course, only if your coat is bigger than yours), the other is to get a new coat, the third is to change the existing coat (tat) od. both front and back are supplied with zip letters. You need to wear the front as you would a regular coat; Because of the fact that it is mostly carried around, it is necessary to solve the baby's head on the back of the jacket, but this is not a witchcraft. Creative solutions:
1. The nun of the article took a warm sweatshirt, wrapped the baby in it, and rounded it off with a gorgeous huge woolen cloth. It was much like a well-stocked potato, but at least they didn't freeze.
2. Some people wear a "piggy-backed" neck coat so that the baby carries a neckline in front and on the back. The space between them heats up the remaining free space.

What should I give my baby?

The soft plover is just under your coat!

You do not need to get hot when you are wearing a thermoplastic or knit jacket. Think that your body and your jacket will warm you. It is worth taking care of your footwear as there may be some cover in the jacket where the baby is not covered by the carrier. Shoes are not very comfortable, you can easily lose the moccasins, the best solution is to give the baby a long dry wool socks. It is important that you carry a baby cap on your back, that you can't take away from yourself. A lot of carry moms add: it didn't take a little pocket in our pockets to see what the little gas was doing.

That's how Johanna travels

Vera and Hanka are also inseparable.

Olvasуnk, Tokodi Kuta Veronica shared our experiences with us: "When Johanna was born, we bought a baby carrier (everything else was :)), so we thought we would use the two when practical, so we started figuring out how to carry baby relatively quickly. for a month, he was just a traffic jam in the hall, we buried it in the basement. overlay the asphalt in a binder), and coat is also covered. The great advantage is that the baby does not have to be dressed. If you had already fallen asleep at home, but you wanted to go out in the middle, just grabbed a cap, bought a sweater, a jacket if you needed it, and you could go to the hut without having to leave .6-7 kilos have been hard before (this is between 4-5 months old) so Hanka moved to my place. Since he was getting over it, I had to arrange a caboose that he would fit into. Portable coats are very expensive, so I sewed my own coats with a girl named Emmi. Very practical and comfortable. (Hank has a plush bag and has regular riders, and they hardly believe that I carry a real doll.) or thick coveralls and now I take my sweatshirt underneath the carry. Now, Mei-Tai has come out to go because it's easier to hang on, but kennel life is better, I just can't wait to spring and can go again. Just wearing boots or boots with a lightweight knit doll, I do it first by getting into my boots, putting on a mangy nylon shoe (available at the pharmacy), and afterwards. "Related articles in Portable:
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