If you want to be a male (ъjra) father

If you want to be a male (ъjra) father

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Men's sterilization seems to be a simple and viable solution, but is there a way back?

Today, there is a specific andrology - that is, a men's watch process - that is increasingly used in men. This procedure is for the unblocking of the bovine batch, that is, for the surgical repair of the split semen. Prof. dr. Gyula Papp, University Professor, Head of the SOTE Urology Clinic Andrology Center, talks with us about what to do if you want to have a baby born artificially again.

Can spinal cord closure be spontaneously reversed or only by surgical intervention?

By the end of the twentieth century, it had become clear that there were many reasons for male infertility. In the meantime, you have been in the foreground of a state of insanity, which is due to the fact that the testis and the book are somewhere in between. In such cases, while testes produce sperm, no sperm can be found in the semen. The most common sites of occlusion are the pleura, the junction of the pleura, or the upper segment of the pleura, and the pleural effusion is also common. Occlusion may be caused by a variety of congenital malformations, such as a defect in the pleura or in some parts of the semen, or by the resulting scarring or inflammation.

And the glamorous onduts

Yes, this is the most common, the so-called vasectomy, that is, a surgical way to make a man's infertility. The purpose of the intervention is to conceive. More than forty million men in the world have so far fallen by the wayside. In Hungary, it is still the only contraceptive method accepted and allowed by law for men. The mыtйt sorбn the doctor visits the small bхrmetszйsbхl ondуvezetйket, kйt lekцtйs utбn бtvбgja, йs the szйtvбgott vйgeket бltalбban elektrokoagulбlja (the szцvetet semmisнti high frekvenciбjъ бrammal - Ed.) To put the biztossб elvбlasztбs tйnyйt.A mыtйtet vйgzik frequently fogamzбsgбtlбsi cйlbуl, In older patients, though, prostate cancer can be damaged in the testes.

If you want a male child with a vasectomy, can you restore your original state?

Yes, but this is a special task because the inside diameter of the semen conductors is only 0.25 millimeters, so it can be thick.

How do semen leaders generally rebuild targeted surgeries?

Among the developmental abnormalities, it is common to have a defect in the thoracic body, the tail or the initial part of the semen. In this case, microsurgery is used to insert the semen into the breast, which allows the sperm produced in the testis and the semen to flow freely through the semen.

How does recovery work for medically interrupted onductors?

Typically, joining the two ends is done with one to two, rarely three-seams. With very thin threads, steady, special zooming can ensure the continuous transparency of semen leaders. Special targeting devices have been developed for this purpose, which make the operation easier.

What is the success of the restored surgery?

The success rate of procedures aimed at semen-conductor-side effects is usually 40-45 percent, rarely higher. The success rate of rebuilding of semen leaders is around 80-88 percent. But success also depends on the basic constitution, the artificial bear type and the anatomical situation. After restoring the semen conduit for the purpose of conception, fertility also determines the length of time the semen has been mutilated. Over time, the likelihood of a successful restoration is reduced from the initial state. It is also asked whether immunologic infertility appears, that is, antibodies against sperm appear in the semen.

What is the Need for Artificial Bear Batch Restoration?

Increasing. Although it is possible to obtain sperm cells from the herb and the breast through a surgical procedure for the flask, the males can not be easily reconstructed in the case of a microscopic repair operation.

Is this a burden on the art?

Perform on local anesthesia and take an average of forty minutes. Most of all, the operating doctor is a burden on the eyes, which naturally requires great practice and attention. It often happens that a man asks for the bears of mûvi bear, but life brings about turns that make him want to be productive again. In the past, restored surgeries have been performed on more and more foreign citizens, but more and more Hungarian men are turning to us with such a need. Fortunately, we can help.

So, restoring an artificially made bear batch is not easy. Do you agree with this method of conception?

I think not all the burden should be placed on women. Male contraception is a notable alternative to female contraception, but a smaller alternative in terms of size. It is also up to the family to decide who bears the burden of conception. Of course, conception is not the profile of andrology, but it is also an option for adult males. The WHO is also conducting serious scientific research into this issue, since overpopulation is a major problem in a significant part of the world. At the same time, there has been a great deal of improvement with regard to restored and reconstructive surgery, and not only patients who have previously undergone vasectomy, but also those who have otherwise suffered from such a disease benefit from it.They may also be interested in:
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