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Weekly booklet

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Exciting books have appeared in stores. Introducing some of the "Cheer on All Blossoms!" idea. We help you not be surprised!

Péter Krivácsy, Tünde Battonyai, Zoltán Marsi: Adolescent Emergencies - S.O.S. megoldбsok

The book is valuable for adolescents, but you can turn it into a big benefit for anyone. It covers almost every area that adolescents consider to be an emergency: from acne to mundane to punitive. It is a non-traditional first aid kitty, contains a lot of curiosities and points to a series of first-not-seem-related things. As you read, you make sure that the authors themselves remember what it was like to be a teenager, so you are absolutely out of touch with your bold, educated style.
Léghajу Program
3450 Ft

Zsuzsanna Vajda: Man and Baby

Here is the Hungarian Whisperer! Don't let the title mislead you: you have no idea about baby care and parenting. And according to the guiding thread, we have reached a level of development that does not matter whether our parents are raised strictly, remotely, or in the middle of the body, our personality does not change. So it is best that we choose the more comfortable (said to be) method and keep our child at a maximum / minimum "hearing distance". Whisperers are guaranteed to have fun in the book, and the devotees' educational beliefs are well above their blood pressure.
Martyrs Issue
3699 Ft