Mother - fetus relationship

Mother - fetus relationship

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Initially, the world is in the form of sensations. However, the old idea that the New Blanket comes to the world, which will be filled with the power of the world, seems overwhelming.

Understand each other's thoughts - Relationship analysis experiences
It was difficult to let go - a journey of self-knowledge
Consciously seek contact!
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Today we know that mom and baby are in conversation with each other from the moment of conception. Through the spiritual lineage, every movement of the mother's inner world reaches the baby, but also the effects and stress of the wider world. The baby senses teaches her mother how she is influenced by her, who, while immersing herself in the baby's senses, learns what is happening between them.
In a relaxed, dormant state, this relationship in body senses may become conscious. The mother can contact the fetus with the help of a specialist. Below, two moms report the wonderful moments of the months before childbirth.

Understand each other's thoughts - Relationship analysis experiences

Christopher Mahder and her baby are just five weeks before the big meeting. No wonder they are talking more and more about birth nowadays. Twenty-eight-year-old economists share their experience with relationship analysis.
"Last May, we knocked on the stupid, both of us with great pleasure. From the first moment on, I consciously prepared for motherhood. in my world, I have a feeling that the fetus feels a bit conceived, feels the mood of her mother, reads the articles related to the subject with great conviction, at that time, I still did not know how important these communication tools play in the small spiritual development.
Jen Raffai I conceived, so I am firmly bound by my book: I contact the author myself to help me get in touch with my baby.
In the twenty-second week of my pregnancy, I started the analysis ... I was a little excited because I had never gone through psychology or psychiatry, nor did I imagine that I would be able to express myself honestly in front of somebody. Doctor Raffa asked me about my family status, my parents, my relationship with my husband, my concerns about baby cancer, my feelings. He said we need to meet at least two times a week for success.
I prepared for the first meeting with the little one with great anticipation. I thought I'd see him on the wall and talk about it. It did not happen, which, of course, made me disappointed. The course of his hour, as he did, was as I lay down on the couch, the doctor sitting in a chair. He asked what had happened to me in the past days. From this he could infer my mood, my senses. When I explained my problems to myself, he said a text that I needed to turn to myself to get into a specially relaxed state when I was focusing on the pic and focusing on myself. The first time it was very difficult. Everyday thoughts were coming up, I was unable to relax. Then I was horrified and then fell somewhere. As it turned out, I was beginning to change the lives of my own. The tiny whole urn was keenly kicked, but we couldn't make contact.

Baby-mom relationship

All the way to the bottom. I counted on the pictures to see the little one in my stomach, but I was able to connect with everything else. Feelings filled me and then thoughts shifted in my head. My baby's thoughts, which I had a hard time distinguishing from my own at first. As our relationship went down, so I learned to separate them, and now we have clear talks.
An incredibly curious baby lives in my stomach who feels and writes about everything in the world. I need to tell him a lot about his family, the home he will be coming to. She loves her papa, she feels safe in the immediate vicinity, and she has repeatedly told me how much she loves it when Papa sings her evening. It is interested in its environment and in the lives of its people. When I meet a baby I love, kisses, I often get tired. Sometimes you don't realize why babies who are born are crying so much. I had to explain to her that she was not crying because they were sad and bad about themselves outside, but because they could only communicate with their parents. He also found it difficult to understand that not all moms talk to the baby the way we do. Unbelievable what a pious baby х. He sees my dreams, conveys my dreams, and repeats my goals of birth and breastfeeding. And we can talk about everything in the city.
Thanks to our conversations, fewer people are afraid of being responsible for motherhood, because they may not even be healthy. We will discuss all these requests in the city and they will calm down every time. It radiates love, makes sure you are a good mother, and reassures you that nothing is wrong. "

It was difficult to let go - a journey of self-knowledge

Zsuffi Müller, a psychologist, had just added his knowledge to the analysis of Hidas Gyırgyhz, when two weeks ago Lili conceived his presence clearly. So the journey of the conscience took a smaller turn: they switched to mother-fetus relationship analysis.
"Whoever looks at me, you see, I am not the true mother type. Even after my childhood, my physical abilities are more like the image of a little child than my mother. feel free to use some of my time since I changed a lot, which is largely due to relationship analysis.
I don't believe in any husky, so I was pretty skeptical. At first I only listened to bodily signs, I knew if I was feeling good, fresh and jolly, that means my baby would feel good inside. If the mother is tense, nervous, and her muscles harder, her muscle tone changes and so does her baby. It also detects hormonal changes and elevated adrenaline levels. These are acceptable explanations for the relationship. I went for analysis during two of my inquiries, and it was interesting to observe the difference between the children. I've never seen their faces, their bodies, somehow I felt which kid, which kid. They were just behaving, Felix was much more conscious in my tummy.
Particularly I was afraid of my first pregnancy, and after a while I felt strongly about Lili too. But of course, how could it feel like the one you were making?
We talked a lot about birth in the last month. I thought the little one needed me to get it ready. I told you quite frankly that you had to go through a very tight place, that you would actually feel pain, but that wouldn't be a problem. I was more worried about breaking up with the fear of being born. I really had to strengthen myself in the belief that the post-natal relationship was meaningful and intimate between us. I started saying goodbye to him last week and it was a very bad time for both of us. Something's going to come to an end, this sensation used inside me all the time, and it looks like this, he has.
When the time came, the regulars came to the coffins, went into the hospital and waited for them to disappear. However, the birth did not progress a bit. I had no unbearable headgear. I was well off in this intermediate state, maybe even afraid. I've been buttering for twenty-three, when my doctor said, Zsufik, let go of that kid! Then I realized that only my head gave birth, my body resisted under the control of my senses. He also added that he would get an hour to discuss with the child what they would do.
That was the moment when I was held in custody, we would do both wrong if we continued to resist.
That's how I gave birth to my baby: what we're talking about is now. Now we need the force, the bastard. I asked you to pull yourself up as little as you can, and then push it, push it forward. They helped us too, and both of us will succeed.
The shell cracked, a little girl was in the birth canal, and she was born shortly. Instead of the pain of breaking up, as usual, the unprecedented joys of the meeting overwhelmed us. "

Consciously seek contact!

We may try to contact the fetus alone. Let's try to relax ourselves in the evening. Along with pleasant music, we can focus on the signals coming from our bodies. Let's try to tune in to his senses, to reflect his movements. If we can find the inner ways, nine months later we will feel like we know each other well. At birth, we will not endure the painful separation, but the natural continuation of the relationship. A tune-up, self-help, close relationship that is self-perpetuating will be a continuation of infancy.

More information

Readers can get more information from Gyorgy Hidas (tel: 214-6461) and Jen Raffai (tel: 06-30-900-2039).
More about this topic can be found in Gyöngy Hidas - Jenõ Raffai - Judit Vollner Spiritual Field Genre, published in 2002.
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