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What kind of pool should I go with my child?

What kind of pool should I go with my child?

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It's best to walk on the beach. But how high is the risk of infection in pools?

In warm (31-33 degrees Celsius) water, muscles and joints are relaxed, which is an ideal condition for exercise, breathing therapy, and this is why the water used in baby baths is usually at this temperature. The water in the well-designed and used pool is clean enough to keep the little one from getting infected, despite the fact that the adults are staying at the same time. You can have a baby up to three years old, with the exception of a spinel. Even though the warm water is pleasant, the gulls easily reproduce. Egyбltalбn not suitable for children in the spa or spa pool, not least because of the substance content.

The cold water pool is cleaner, but don't stay for long

The temperature of the children's pools is around 28 degrees Celsius favors the young. You can deduce the purity of the water from the number and age of bathers. Although everywhere, it has been stated that only children under the age of six can swim in the pool, asking how to effectively treat the little one if you are not right next to it. It is important that immediately remove the wet trousers after bathing, find out, and give me a dip, because not only infections can be "thanked" for infections. The slow circulation of the cooled abdomen reduces the resistance. Natural water does not necessarily mean a lower risk of infection, moreover, an overheated, overcrowded outcrop can be highly contaminated.Also read these:
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