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It's only been a week ... The New Life crown - eleventh installment

It's only been a week ... The New Life crown - eleventh installment

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"Ask your mother!" - gives you the wisest advice about dowry, dublin, maternity, and virginity for three weeks, and I tell you that my third grandchild is 6 years old.

It's been a week ...

Two photos of my pregnant mother and some family history before I was born - that's how much I have had when I was pregnant. From this I have to put myself together what is my treasure about excitement, birth, birth in this earthly existence, from this I play chess in a somewhat muddled story, which is what I'm expecting my son.

I can thank my grandmother

When my maternal grandmother was already very ill (from cerebral hemorrhage), she probably left an important sentence to my mother, which radically changed the way I had my second childhood. "Then, if I die, I'll take that one," he said, according to relatives, because one of his most important thoughts about family was that we would do good for our child if we were to give birth to him. When he died, he left a big eagle beside the sentence. It could have been a serious threat to my mother, and my father finally decided I could come again.

The 1985 cherry blossom

A nine-year-old brother and two, I think of an old-born baby on that summer. One day before I was born, my mother sadly started to cook the early cherry (not even knowing about my dad's disapproval), but the frosted jars did not reach the fruit - I did not postpone it. My father took us to the town hall, where he left his wife alone, and I spent the whole night scaring. Dawn after a vacuum and a grave threat, Mom didn't leave, she brought her into the world without help. He was 36 years old, doctors and relatives only looked at whether I had all my fingers, whether I had Down syndrome but apparently had no worries.For my father, it was only a tiny second that I was disappointed that I was he inquired about my gender, and said to the answer he had received, "it's okay, so I'll take you home anyway." The bouquet of flowers he had made was held in the hands of the first eye that could not be introduced at that time.

Mom, tell me…

All I know about myself, from my 0th minute to my birth. Or, what the family legendary has preserved, is not so much of the essence of what we can do now - my mother's memories and sensations miss this very time. I used to ask these in my solitary morning awakenings… How did you know I was with you? Did I hurt you in that little body as my son hurt? What was it like when I got out? Felsнrtam? Have you been given to rest on your chest? Do you cry when you exist? Are you afraid you will be a good mother, will your body be restored? I'm tuned in, slowly 8 hours ago. It reminds me of all the grimaces, bittersweets, and truths that I was there for you as well, I did not let you sleep, and it was full of doubts as well, and as often as it could be smeared. But now, of course you play a lot in my headand not because everyone encourages me to call you and look for my queries… But because you are now 65 years old. For your birthday this year, we split up with a glass of your favorite wine, a tiny little glass of Debrecen's bridesmaids will go through your smallest grandchildren before it comes to light, , but let me just say one thing: I am very please, take care of me in the living room.
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