Ovulation induction to come babyTreating infertility with nature's stimulation

Ovulation induction to come babyTreating infertility with nature's stimulation

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In Hungary, more than a hundred thousand young couples struggle with fertility problems and wait longer than average for childbirth. Fortunately, medical science can help them in most cases.

Great meeting - with obstacles

In order for a man and a woman to have a child to have a child, many conditions must be fulfilled at the same time: a healthy, mature egg and a hormone must meet, and the fertilized egg must mature within a certain amount of time hatбsra fogadуkйsszй vбlt) nyбlkahбrtyбjбba.
There are countless obstacles in determining the fate of the prospective fetus. Even if the couple's hormonal function is balanced in all of their members, if they have perfectly healthy organs and live at the most appropriate time in the female cycle, there are only 10-20 percent monthly chances of having a single child. Therefore, according to domestic medical practice, conception does not occur unless the couple regularly conceives without conception, but pregnancy does not occur after one or two years.
On them is .n. Assisted Reproductive Procedures they can help: 90% of couples who seek specialist care for infertility succeed in restoring their reproductive capacity through medication, wound healing, or assisted reproduction, commonly known as.

Full round examinations

When infertility is encountered, or, to be more precise, impaired reproductive ability, parallel examinations of male and female members begin. Physical examination of the female genital organs, extensive laboratory examinations, advanced diagnostic procedures, and surgical procedures (such as laparoscopy) are required and maintained. (Childlessness is, of course, a problem between couples, but within it, women's and men's fertility barriers are also about halfway.)

If you do not rйgуta jцn a baby, seek medical advice

One of the most important tests for a male is the quality and quantity of semen, which is a measure of the amount of healthy male fertile cells that are able to fertilize.
If there is any type of glandular or androgynous abnormality in the examinations, the treatment of that particular disease will be the number one task. In many cases, this abnormality (such as infection, mumps, metabolic or thyroid dysfunction) can also resolve temporary loss of fertility.

Ideal date

If there is evidence of a underlying disease or no genital abnormality, the women's cycle is followed and monitored. Determine the exact time of your hysterectomy, so that the sexual act can take place at the most appropriate time for conception. In an average, regular, 28-day cycle, ovulation (that is, follicular rupture in which the mature egg reaches the lining of the ovary) occurs on day 14. For shorter or longer cycles, this time also varies, and is largely attributable to half-life.
In the past, the Awakening Temperature Measurement has sought to determine the ideal time, but this (although the hormonal processes in the cycle affect the body temperature) is not the safest method. In this regard, the urine test, which shows the time (highest ovulation time) when LH levels are highest in the body, is considered more accurate by experts. If this method is used, it is recommended that you change the color of the test the next day, which is the best time for conception.

Medical aid

If the woman's cycle is irregular, so that not every time she ovulates, or the follicular rupture does not happen, what about the abnormal medication, the ovarian stimulation. Ovulбciу-indukciуra Clomiphene citrбtot йs gonadotropin they are applied. This utуbbiak contain tьszхstimulбlу hormone, or FSH. THE clomiphene kйszнtmйnyek tablet бllnak formбjбban rendelkezйsre, the gonadotropin but in injectable pharmaceutical form.
Experience has shown that clomiphene causes ovulation to occur in five cases and overtaking occurs in 30 cases. If treatment with the tablet fails, gonadotropin may stimulate the currency. In addition, you should carefully monitor your ovaries for ultrasound, as ovaries may be overly responsive to treatment and more likely to produce follicles.
Ovulation-inducing agents increase the risk of multiple pregnancies by up to a factor of four, and there is a rare but dangerous event, ovariбlis hiperstimulбciуs szindrуma (OHSS) is also at risk. OHSS is a sign of the proliferation of many follicles, abdominal distension and the appearance of nausea. At the same time, ovulation induction agents, i.e., medically induced pulmonary rupture, do not increase the incidence of birth defects.
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