Esther's Diary - Week 37 Wall Stickers

Esther's Diary - Week 37 Wall Stickers

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Esther is approaching the bustling time with quick steps. What kind of sensations are there in it?

I've never attributed that much importance to weeks. But now I feel like I'm in the middle of one of the biggest changes in my life. I did not live in a household, and in the meantime (not) we felt a significant difference before and after it was pronounced, somehow it was quite natural that it should be more like when we have a successful photo - and then frame it and put it on the shelf - that would be the marriage.

Photograph: Bbcsi Rуbert Lbszlou

Perhaps a sinful example… The point is that our relationship has become so fuller and more responsible, and this cool thing - which everyone is afraid of - was the best thing to say right now, in the worst of all, does not divorce. Many people are frightened by such sentences, and they have given us some sense of security, it was good to be superfluous after the ceremony. Everyone is worried because everything is uncertain, jobs, credit, gasoline, the kid's door. Then why don't we look for security in our relationships? Why don't we strengthen together? We have never had any illusions about the marriage, the good marriage, like everything we want to operate, needs to be worked on, but if a relationship is harmonious, it is not a forced process. Nothing is steady and continuous, that is, love, but since man is a liar, he does not deserve to be, because then love would be just a phrase. Feeling like a whole industry, it remains the most elemental end of human life. So I still didn't understand, and after 37 weeks I didn't realize that childbirth couldn't be as natural for me as ringing. Obviously a bond and a responsibility, but the same is true for a marriage. I'm much calmer and more balanced now, in the last month or so than before. Even though I don't want to give birth prematurely, I am ready for everything, moreover, I am expecting a baby with a clear heart, not to say I have no fears, but jumping into the unknown is always good for everyone, adrenaline, of course. This month is just as devoted to my peace of mind as I did not want to be born without my thoughts, my senses. I tuned in to Barni, I am not afraid of pain, and I have no children, so come what is to come.
And how true that is is proving that I finally found a perfect wall sticker for me (number?) That I have been searching the web for weeks. The problem is, after a short calculation, it turned out that I will not be able to get it for under three thousand forints when I order from the United States. The mural left ... The controls against scratching and what to rearrange the room weren't convincing enough, but Giza was the one who blessed the brush right away. So I asked a dyed friend of mine and a former colleague from all over to get creative and come along. That is to say, but only half as much because I put my soul in the drawing a little bit too. Instead of a water spray on the ball, it's a hibiscus. Why, for the long haul, let's keep three months of unforgettable flesh for this flower and for our gods and the Pacific.
Well done, I was awed by it, good sense to plan, good sense to get these little things and big things, little graffiti, diapers, I just don't see, that baby three will be whispering here in a week. I remember the day before our wedding we didn't believe we were getting married the other day, nor did we because we didn't want to, but I clearly remember that as if some supernatural power was working in us, we let ourselves go. And now on the first harbor, what more can we say than being very happy.