So they could build blood without the need for a cube

So they could build blood without the need for a cube

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It is not just a cube that can draw blood! Before we show you a technique, the little kid will persistently experiment with it.

THE grandmother's postcard collection it may not become too volatile card price. Let's lay the postcards on the floor with their long sides facing each other. The puffed pieces are particularly good for the low level. Cover with a few postcards, then raise the next level in the same way.

You can make simple and great blood out of a cardboard box

The fantasy of the little ones is endless - but it may be that only patient, persistent kids make a card blueprint. To make the fastest results, make cardboard 20 x 50 centimeter items. Let's cut it out, cut a inch or so into the hole. In addition to the supervision, the child can handle this. Then, with a light asparagus, he connects the sides of the blood, the womb. You can paint it with watercolors, we can make a window on it. Kids with similar techniques can make a Barbie house, a castle.
The ready-made, larger-sized sponge elements can be used to make large blood that can be used as a casual baby furniture.
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