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Be careful when you put the baby on the ground Can you see the picture on the ground?

Be careful when you put the baby on the ground Can you see the picture on the ground?

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There is nothing better than being outside in the garden all summer long. But is it a good idea to put the baby on the ground?

Not dirt, but the risk of decay and infection is the deciding factor. In his own garden, you can make it safe and enjoyable for him to explore, but don't leave it alone. Spray and sprinkle the grass regularly to keep it thick, stuffed and soft. Do not use herbicides or fertilizers.Be careful when placing the baby on the ground
Bees on the clover flower or on the water can be a danger, so it is important to cut the grass short and put it on dry soil. It doesn't matter if you have a flower in your mouth, but check the garden for spices, mahogany and yew. These plants have a very poor berry, but they contain dangerous substances!
Sunbathe and rotate your sandpit while staying close by, covering it with mosquito nets to prevent it from getting into the house, as it can endanger the animal from dangerous animals. If your baby tastes clean sand, simply rinse your mouth. Good games can be a larger gravel pit. Always stay close to the tiny pebble terrain to notice when you put one in your mouth. Give your hand a narrow bottle of plastic to put the pebbles in it.
The landscaped with the lowest stones is also fascinating. Cover the concreted area with mыfы, thus providing a baby-free and abdominal slipper-free surface. You can turn different soils into a real adventure park for the baby who is cooked.
Unobtrusive playgrounds, beaches, waterfront, campgrounds, have a good look at the terrain, do not see discarded beer caps, glass tiles, nails. Not visible to the eye, but because of the dirt that has gotten out of the hills, you never know what the seemingly clear terrain is, so these places are not baby areas. You may also be interested in:
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