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Milk-free, vitamin-free

Milk-free, vitamin-free

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The delicious milk rice besides the fruits is silky smooth!

Oatmeal fruit rice

We allowed two adults and two children
a cup of brown rice, a liter of oatmeal, 5 deca raisins, an orange juice, oranges, apples, ringlings, bananas or any other good quality frozen frozen jelly, the berries are especially valuable!

7-8 days card
1. Squeeze out an orange leaf and pour on the raisins. Let it soak for an hour. During this time, the raisins are softened and self-absorbed with the vitamin juice.
2. Start cooking brown rice in plenty of water. Rinse off in about 45 minutes, and if necessary, rinse with a little water.
3. Once the rice has softened, pour over the oat milk and continue to cook, stirring frequently, until well-thickened. Feel free to help with the botmixer: wash in a few turns, take your baby's dose and blend it evenly.
4. Let the milk rice stand and cool, and in the meantime wash and chop the fruits. Take the oranges into the cloves and carefully peel the corn.
5. Stir in the orange juice soaked in bot blender and blended with orange juice.
6. Mix the lowest lukewarm dairy rice with the fruit and you can add it in March.

Baby feeds in shape

You can give the baby milk oat milk concentrate as early as six months, of course, mixing it all into paprika, with just a few spoons. You can mix grated apples and forks with a fork. In order for your baby to digest well, it is important to cook the brown rice very soft. Don't regret the time! For bigger cats who prefer to eat with their hands, you can let the thick-skimmed milk rice cool in plastic pudding. So you can stuff a pretty pile of dairy rice on your bat.
Basic version: from 6 months

Fruit milk rice