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If Angelina Jolie knew that ...

If Angelina Jolie knew that ...

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Maybe she wouldn't have slept with her when she had her children. By avoiding pain, many people give in to the idea of ​​cesarean section, and celebrity moms - Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer - love to choose not to be in danger.

Eight times ten times the cesarean section is more risky than natural birth, and you regenerate much slower. Bringing your baby to life today can be less painful and exhausting than just a few years ago - a happy mother of two dumbasses telling you what kind of tool she has to make her own.
- I have two children, Sombor and Panna. I was both born naturally, but there was a great deal of arrivals. My first birth started spontaneously, the second did not, because at week 36 my CTG results were not painted (my baby's mid-tone sound and feverishness). At week 30, the cavity was open, so I had to lie down from then on, I couldn't wake up or raise anything, including my two-year-old little boy. She was worn out, mainly spiritually. In addition, I had my nephews for five weeks, and when I went to the hospital at week 37, the doctors didn't wait any longer, and they started giving birth. Goddamn it, as frightening as it was, everything was going so well, I was holding Pann in my arms, tight.The little girl was not shy about it! Did your baby arrive so fast?
No, it took her a lot longer to give birth. The Voivodeship had two phases; he started at home at two o'clock in the afternoon, then continued at the hospital from nine in the evening to seven in the morning, with two-minute crawfish. I suffered their arrival. They had suspicions of hesitation before the discovery of Panna, and she was more easily born. I am absolutely certain that Dianatal has a role to play in this, although at first I did not really believe in it.
How did you know about the gel?
My mother is working on health, and she suggested that I give it a second try. I didn't think her use counted so much, I couldn't imagine that a baby's baby could really help the baby. I asked my doctor and he said he thought it was a good idea, so after a long hesitation I put in my waist in the last few weeks, luckily. Many people say that second birth is generally easier than first birth, but by that amount? I fried a dozen babies with one baby, and the other asked for a baby all the time, except for a gel without such an Irish personality. My doctor said the same thing, who knows what my first birth was like with Zsombor.In which phase of birth did you receive the gel?
Because of the bad voices and the lack of amniotic fluid, we artificially started the baby. They did a fracture, and I got the first dose of Dianatal gel at six o'clock in the evening. About a quarter past eight, I told my doctor that I felt Panka was about to arrive. Tested it, I received the second dose of Dianatal - I add, I needed only two of the three doses in the package, the third one - and said at least one ounce. As I went out, I gave birth to a baby girl that I really feel like it's time. He also told me, and already told the doctor to come back because we were born. In a minute, the moon disappeared, according to you! The move itself was easy for all of the kids, but Panna was faster than her boyfriend and slid much better.
How soon do you regenerate after childbirth?
Very soon, in a day or two, I was completely fine. Not long after my baby was born, one of my friends gave birth, just as easily and without complications, from the same doctor, also with Dianat. For my son and my childbirth, it was really striking that in one minute, Pannan lost his mother's gram, and in just a few moments, megjуsoltak. I regenerated so quickly that on the third day I felt as if I had not been born.
(T. Claudia, Kecskemét)
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