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Real tips to find a solution!

Real tips to find a solution!

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Looking for a bullet? Well, you're not alone with this ... The Women's Clicks For You!

Unique online job training course launched by the JULL-LTT Foundation and the Supported UPC Hungary Ltd. for young women with mothers who are just starting out. The goal of the program is for parents who want to return to the world of work after childbirth, to take advantage of the Internet to find employment, and to help them earn online income by earning their own income. Electronic training is also available for free on

Is Nurbra successful?

How would women who spent a few years at home after childbirth or had no job before their childhood, so they have never been confronted with this task, start looking for a job? What do the terms labor market reintegration, atypical employment, or just knowledge mean? After a long absence, it is often not easy to gauge the opportunities on the job market, the chances of those returning to work, and what they need to find a job.
THE Some clicks online fitness training guide you through this process all the way, entertainingly through Noura, who wants to get back to work after the birth of two children. You can keep track of his notes in eight chapters on how to find a job. After completing the curriculum, rethinking the questions asked, and solving the practical tasks, the "learning job seeker" will be more likely to look at himself or herself, to "sell more", and be more motivated. You get caught up in the world of internet job search and get more ready for the interview. Overall, you can develop a more thoughtful, effective search method for yourself.
Textbooks, exercises, and tips are free for all users, only registration is required. Information on the Women's Click Facebook page will be constantly updated. Those who do not have a number will be able to get help at numerous points in the country to access a wealth of practical knowledge pages. The curriculum will also be presented at regional events where all those interested will be welcomed: November 15th MiskolcOn the 22nd Veszprйmben.
You can find more information at