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Make a Baby Safe HomeKids Room and Home Decor Tips

Make a Baby Safe HomeKids Room and Home Decor Tips

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It is worthwhile to get involved in the transformation of your home right before birth, during pregnancy, while there is no one who can fully detect the areas on the home security shield.

Is the baby coming soon? Beware, there is still a task around the house when the kid's room is ready for your little apartment! In the meantime, it is worthwhile to get involved in the transformation of your home, while there is no one who can detect the cracks in your home security shield ...

Baby safety - the underfloor

As the babies change, they spend more and more time on the ground, so it doesn't matter what soil we choose for them. - For small children, it is important to clean the surface easily. It is also worthwhile to include warm coverings in this - recommends Kréth Henriette Furnishing.- The carpet is soft and warm, but larger stains are hard to clean, making it a better choice for any wood or cork surface, even with a movable rug.

Practical lighting

You will also want to make sure that you have the right viewing environment in your nursery, even if you do not care for the baby at first. - In addition to the bright central lighting, it is also a practical solution to make the room light in the room, such as a diaper or a baby, in a lower brightness - advises our specialist. - In addition to the "lighter" lights, mothers in the nursery do not have to stumble nocturnally during breastfeeding and feeding, and too much light will not interfere with the baby.

Functional furniture

Newborns still don't have much need for room equipment, but this will change for the better. Among baby furniture, essentials include baby, diaper and baby storage (for example, baby pocket storage). - The first piece of furniture worth finding in the nursery is the baby. Avoid standing near a cold wall or in direct sunlight.

The baby must first find a place

Mostly, rounded-shape wooden furniture is chosen for the little ones, but it is becoming increasingly important that the furniture can be expanded so that it can "grow" with the children - says Henriette Krith, and read a story for the kid sooner.

Design also comes into play

No matter how enthusiastic or stylish your baby's room is, you should keep in mind that you will have to change your design very often three times a year. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you have to look at new equipment every time. When changing your style, it is enough to adjust the accessories, such as colors, fairy-tale cushions, curtains, to the actual favorites - advises the interior designer.

Baby Safe Tips

  • Stairs, Doors: Obtain a lockable grid that is high enough to prevent the toddler from slipping through it, so that it cannot slip through the stairs or go out the door alone.
  • Plants: Get rid of the venomous species and put the rest of the potted flower at an unimaginable height to prevent it from popping into its leaves or leaves.
  • Connectors: It's worthwhile to design them in the nursery where they are out of sight, and for the rest, it is worth having a safety plug to avoid licking toddlers.
  • Walls: If you want to avoid felt-tip pen-scrubbing paint / paint, get a blackboard and paint a wall in your small room where you can freely hang out your canvas.
  • Shelves, Shelves: Kids love to hang on to all the cool stuff, so put it as baby-safe as possible.
  • Sharp corners: Place some dull corners on the sharp corners of tables and furniture so that it doesn't matter if the little one falls.

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