Syndrome, color: red and green cause most problems

Syndrome, color: red and green cause most problems

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If a toddler is mature and mature by age, it is striking that in certain areas he / she cannot "know" as much as his / her peers. People around the three-year-old are generally sure to recognize, distinguish and name the colors.

Color blindness, loss of color: most often red and green colors cause problems

If parents find that their children often live for years, they may be suspected of losing their color.European population eight percent He touched on this, yeah more of the sonlike a girl. Mostly genetic, less common lбtуideg-gyulladбs She's in the backyard.
Most often, red and green colors can be detected. If your child does not see them at all, he or she senses them instead: purple, brown. You may not notice the shades: the light red is the same number as the dark red, the fir is like the pine.
We can play with our child's color recognition test. Kindergartens of pre-school age are just right for this, because the sides of the cube are colored, so you need to progress with the colored pins accordingly. If your child is very uncertain about these toys, consult an ophthalmologist.
It is important to recognize early so that the knowledge that determines the color (such as transportation) can be passed on to the child in another way.
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